Musher’s Secret

One 5 degree morning recently I was getting my gear together for a ski day in the parking lot of Taos Ski Valley. I noticed a couple who were putting something on their puppies paws.   Being a dog walker myself I asked them what it was.   They said Musher’s Secret.  It helps with snow hiking, cold and cracked paws.  I went  back to my truck to heat my stiff ski boots a bit more and surprisingly they came over and gave me the rest of the jar.

Today I took my dog to Bull-of-the-woods and beyond me on snow shoes and him sporting Musher’s secret.  It worked wonders.  Usually Chico licks his paw, which I can only imagine makes it worse on a cold morning, this time he did not.20aecc6e2c7e7c71ad8df7d27e3ce55d

Adventure dog walks around Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.

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Taos Outwardhoundz offers top notch dog walking adventures and pet/house sitting in the Taos/Taos Ski Valley area.  My walks include either 3 or  5 plus hours trail time.  Hikes are least 5 miles of hiking.   Of course most dogs will walk much more than that.  Your dog gets a challenge and a workout.  I am laid back dependable walker who doesn’t believe in yelling at dogs or stressing on walks.  I prefer to motivate through positive means like affection, treats and seriously fun adventures.

Why Choose Me?
I have a lot of fun at work, but take my job very seriously.    I am reliable and punctual. My philosophy on dog-human interaction is based on positive reinforcement.  I am Dogtec certified, insured and bonded.


  • I put myself through the Dog Walking Academy so I enthusiastically employ positive reinforcement for pack management.
  • I completed Pet CPR and Pet First Aid courses.
  • Clients love my daily pictures sent to the people of the pets I take care of.

If you are interested in my services please review the new client forms and print them out.  I prefer calls over email at 575-200-4901 thanks Zeke El Prado, New Mexico.


Winter walking in Taos

Chico and I headed to the rift trail south of Taos.   The trailhead is about 7 miles south of Taos Drum.  There are several routes off of the rift loop to make the trail longer or shorter.  It was about 10 days after the first big snow of the season.  The rift trail is a bit slippery when wet.   The fine mesa dirt gets clumpy like clay.   So as the walker I was dealing with a couple of inches of mud on the bottom of my boots. Although the 7 miles of slush and mud did not hold him back.  He much preferred eating snow to drinking the water I brought for him.  A happy dog and dog walker.unnamed[1]